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FREE I-Pad Mini!

FREE I-Pad Mini!

 FREE I-Pad Mini!

Get Your FREE I-Pad Mini!

Congratulations to everyone who has earned a FREE I-Pad Mini! Here are a few pics of proud owners that were just sent in today!! Do you have a pic or selfie of you and your new I-Pad Mini? If not, take one now and post it here!!!! We will select our top 5 favorites and feature them here throughout the week!!!

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my Le-Vel Thrive experience…

Le-Vel Thrive experience…

Level Experience

My name is Amanda, and this is my Thrive experience…

I have always struggled with low self esteem and depression among other things in my life. I have been on every diet known to man, taken every diet pill possible, and I was still not where I wanted to be- physically or mentally. About two months ago, I was considering going back on my anti-depressants because I always cried, I was always tired, and I hated looking in the mirror. I should be happy… I have a beautiful son, a roof over my head, a good job, and most of the time, a happy relationship. All of the negativity was hurting my family and to me, I was still fat and ugly.

Until… my sister-in-law kept hounding me about this Thrive Experience. I finally gave in even though I didn’t have the money to “throw away”. But, it turns out I didn’t throw away the money, I noticed a difference in my energy level the very first day. I wasn’t jittery, I didn’t crash, I felt amazing!!! So I signed up as a promoter and within two weeks, I earned $660.00 because everyone around me was noticing a difference too!

I now workout twice a day, I wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed, I got to sleep easily, I no longer suffer from IBS, I no longer have back pain, I like what I see in the mirror, and I’m not depressed!!!!! My husband actually likes to come home to me and my son knows mommy will come outside and play with him instead of taking a nap every afternoon.

I am not a salesperson. I do not like to push people into anything, but I also don’t do anything that I don’t believe in. I believe in Thrive and I will not ever go back to being that sad person again.

Thank you Ticia for everything and thank you Le-Vel for this amazing experience!!!

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Le-vel Thrive DFT

Hey guys, my name is Allen and this is my THRIVE EXPERIENCE!

I wasn’t always like the guy on the left side of the photo; I was more like the fella on the right. Good looking and active 

I was thirty-two years old and giving up on being the young, energetic and fun guy that I once was. I was married with three children and ate myself out of looking like anything that resembled an athletic human being. Through my sister-in-law Erin, Jess and I were introduced to Le-Vel and the awesome product called the Thrive Experience March of 2013.

Having tried other things through the years and being a regular guy, I was definitely a skeptic. Encouraged by my wife, I did take my one and only sample. WOW!!! Honestly, I really didn’t expect anything from it. Figured it was another fad for women, but I quickly found out that was not the case.
After taking the caps as instructed and mixing the shake I was off to work. I work in the HVAC/R industry carrying a lot of tools up ladders and walking all day. At the nearly 300 pounds you see on the left, I was on the verge of dying. Six foot guys should be around 195 pounds give or take, not the stunt double for the Stay Puft Marshmallow man!
First thing I noticed were the cognitive properties working tremendously and for someone who has severe ADHD that was a blessing. Second was the energy I felt. By lunch I felt like I could fly! I called my wonderful wife and told her to sign us up and order right away!!!
Within a week of taking the caps and shakes I was blown away at the pain management benefits in my knees and shoulders. This was awesome because now I was able to sleep through the night.

In the end my journey has gotten my body from the verge of possible diabetes and heart failure back to a guy who now runs 5K’s.

I’m now 240 pounds dropped some clothing sizes and looking to drop more! If you’re a regular guy like me please don’t be stubborn, listen to your wife! It’ll save your life and make momma happy!!!

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…when I saw all these posts about Le-vel

…when I saw all these posts about Le-vel

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 6.13.05 PM
I was a bit skeptic when I saw all these posts about Le-vel and the Thrive Experience. However, I took the bait and tried a 2 day sample expecting to be let down again. What I got was just short of a miracle. I am like many women, busy. I spent the last three years as a full time college student and employee. I graduated college in May, began studying again to become a certified teacher and to say that I was overwhelmed and “brain dead” would be an understatement. I have felt just short of lethargic, overwhelmed and several other emotions.
I brought a sample home for me and my precious husband. We agreed to take it with an open mind. The first thing I noticed was within a few hours the “black fog” that had invaded my personality was gone and for the first time in several years I felt like myself again. I was focused and ready to tackle the holidays. The second thing I noticed was that my knee was not hurting. I tore my meniscus and had two knee surgeries.
My husband was energized and focused. He is now back in college and was preparing for a major test and said Le-vel helped keep him focused (he aced his test).
I am now 2 weeks in and the energy is crazy. My students had to ask me to slow down. Living in Texas our weather changes quickly and this affects aches and pains. Thursday our high was 78 and Friday it was sleeting, my knees are pain free. Thank you Le-vel.



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From The Hospital To A Le-Vel Life!

From The Hospital To A Le-Vel Life!

Two years ago my body stopped me in my tracks one morning when I was at a seminar in Atlanta. I felt like I needed to go to the hospital. That’s when I took a few more steps and just passed out.

I ended up in Emory Hospital for about a week, they ran every test known to man kind. By this point I was hurting so bad that not even the meds in the hospital helped, they where finding issues with my heart, my thyroid but they couldn’t find out was going on with my head. The only pain medicine that ended up helping me was Dilaudid through an IV. Many doctors later, they finally diagnosed me with a “Brain Virus”. I then spent many months in bed, couldn’t work, couldn’t drive anywhere, I just didn’t have a life!!

Then my dear friend, Emily comes to me with this stuff called the Thrive Experience, tells me how it’s helping people everywhere. Honestly, my thought was “really doctors can’t even figure me out!! The only thing she asked was that I take it correctly. I just thought okay what could it hurt, right?

I’m going on my 4th month with my personal Thrive Experience, and my life has changed in so many ways. I’m not only pain free, and full of energy and loosing weight!

I am blessed to be earning more with Le-Vel than I did in my “job”!

Thrive by Le-Vel, it is working for thousands, so do yourself a favor and just help everyone you know start their THRIVE Journey! The Deserve to feel as good as I do!

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LeVel Call

AWESOME Le-Vel CALL Mike Page, Shylo Eckstrom, Kristin Wirkkula Seibold, Dawn Johnson, Shawn Nistler- Heinen and Gary!

Simon was awesome sharing amazing announcements! SINGLE SERVE THRIVE PACKETS and VEGAS!!!

If you missed the call, you must tune in!

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12K VIP’s! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12K VIP’s! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

800 car bonus

GET YOURS!!!! —–> http://lvcanada.le-vel.com/IndustryShift

YOU have reached a Le-Vel record!
There are more people earning $800.00 this month for their car allowance than any previous month AND we have the rest of the month to go!

If you did not get your photo submitted in time for the Le-Vel Video Series ( VIP VIDEO)….no worries…..we are going to PROMOTE YOU in the weeks to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BIG NEWS…..everyone on the way to 40K….or if you are shooting for October to be your month to achieve 40K, you are going to LOVE the news that’s coming for those who hit it!!!!!!

80K…..MORE MORE MORE coming for you also!

Spread the NEWS and let’s end October with using your waiting rooms and run your team promos to move order volume! Make SURE you are looking at your count down clocks!

Le-Vel – #1 ranked Car Allowance w/ $800.00 monthly!

( Chris Collins…..SHARP photography in this pic!)

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Did you know Le-Vel.com has been voted #1 FREE Product Customer Referral Business Online!

Did you know Le-Vel.com has been voted #1 FREE Product Customer Referral Business Online!

Le-Vel Customers

Here’s WHY!

Each customer/promoter is different! Many of your customers will notice 100% results with health issues they may be experiencing in their bodies. Many notice within 2 days their desire to snack, or eat unhealthy foods is fading away. Many notice within one day their mood levels are balanced.

Serious Problems With A THRIVING Solution!

Did you know right now there are 150,000,000 (150 Million) Americans taking vitamins and mineral supplement each day. Here’s the problem! They “think” they are doing their bodies good.

FACT: More than 95% of the vitamins in the marketplace are synthetic, made out of coal tar, petroleum and rocks, made in a chemical plant.

You may be wondering WHY the results are so incredible with you THRIVE Lifestyle Experience?

It’s because our formulations are designed with REAL BENEFITS long term! In addition, Le-Vels’ vitamins/minerals/anti oxidants/glyconutrients/ etc are sourced out of REAL food from REAL plants!

Probiotics and Prebiotics:

Probiotics are microorganisms that live within the human body, where they impart various benefits to your health. In return, your body supplies these microorganisms with a livable environment as well as a steady form of foods in the form of prebiotics. As the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” states, prebiotics are non-digestible carbohydrates, also known as fermentable fiber. They pass through our stomach without breaking down and enter the intestines where they serve as a food source for the probiotic bacteria that live there.

Probiotics vs. Prebiotics: What’s the difference?

Probiotics are naturally occurring, living organisms in your digestive system. Pro means “for; biotics means “life.” “For life.” Prebiotics are non-living fiber that feed probiotics. In essence, prebiotics are the food used by probiotics to flourish in your digestive tract for healthier digestion and optimal health.

What Do We Know Now About the potential Health Benefits of taking THRIVE by Le-Vel?

Increase of calcium and magnesium absorption
Stronger bones, increased bone density
Enhanced and strengthened immune system
Reduced risk of polyps and cancers due to reduced carcinogens in the colon
Better glycemic, diabetic control
Reduced blood triglyceride levels
Better-controlled weight and appetite due to healthy gut hormonal changes
Increased “good” bacteria in the gut – most important of all
Concomitant decrease in the “bad,” unwanted bacteria in the gut
Reduced abnormal bacterial leakage through the gut wall, otherwise known as “leaky gut” syndrome
Improved bowel regularity
Reduced intestinal infections
Improved inflammatory bowel disease
Reduced or cessation of noxious flatus smell

Well, you see the big picture!

Eating well with the health benefits Le-Vel’s THRIVE lifestyle capsules and shake mix provide — in addition to the right foods — might make a big difference in how your life will THRIVE in many ways.

Le-Vel – Helping Others Live A LIFE-style They Deserve!


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LV Brand Promoters

LV Brand Promoters

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 6.57.25 PM

DO what others won’t today…. so you can LIVE like other can’t tomorrow… BOOM!!

“LV Brand Promoters are heading towards a lifestyle where the streets have no names” – Simon

It’s going to be a great Le-Vel Thursday! Pink Pre Order, and Sept Blowout Promotion go go go!!


#LVLIFE #PremiumLifestyle #LVWarriors

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Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 6.55.17 PM

WE LOVE THIS “W”oman!This woman is a full time mom, has a full time carreer and has had TONS of weekly checks consistently above $1,500.00 – $2,000.00 ( and a few even higher!!!!)

Jessica….THANK YOU for being such a kind leader and ALWAYS being a positive light to all brand promoters with Le-Vel. We saw your post today and wanted to recognize you NOT FOR your incredible physical transformation but MOST IMPORTANTLY who you are as a person. YOU ARE TRULY APPRECIATED


What a difference 5 months makes! Thrive Capsules, shake, and DFT have helped me gain my health back, my confidence, as well as given me the energy to work out consistently! I’ll never go without it!

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