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Thrive is the beginning!

Thrive is the beginning!

Thrive is the beginning!A better life is out there for you and Thrive is the beginning!

My name is Patricia Colburn and this is my Thrive Experience!

I am a wife, mother, and office manager of a busy dental office with general aches and discomfort; headaches; not sleeping soundly; weight gain; emotionally and mentally stressed.

I began my Thrive experience because a dear friend, Elaine Barglik, kept posting how great she was feeling and how Thrive had helped her. She had contacted me several times, I was skeptical, although I kept following her posts on Facebook. I finally jumped in and called her. Within a few days I had my Thrive 3-day sample and was ready to experience it for myself.

My first day was good and I noticed more energy and I had less discomfort but I was still skeptical, could Thrive really be helping? Day 2 was better than Day 1 with me waking up before the alarm went off, ready to start my day. Day 3 really made me a believer! My husband asked me what I was doing different because I actually had energy to play with our daughter, make dinner, do a load of laundry and didn’t crash on the couch after our daughter went to bed…and this was after working a full day.

Right then and there I knew Thrive was for me. I jumped in with both feet and made 4K VIP and received my iPad within 30 days.

Now, I wake up every day looking forward to my Thrive 1-2-3 and sharing my experience with as many people that will listen. I want everyone to feel as great as I do, be the best they can be and Thrive gives us a huge head start. I am now down 32 pounds; my energy level is thru the roof; headaches are better; I am sleeping soundly and wake up well rested; the aches and discomforts are greatly reduced and I am so much happier!

Thrive changed my life and gave me “me” back. I am thankful every day that I listened to Elaine and started this journey.

If you can relate to my story, please don’t hesitate…start your experience today. A better life is out there for you and Thrive is the beginning!

Thriving for life, Thriving for my health!

Thriving for life, Thriving for my health!

Hello my name is Jessi Shike, and this is my Thrive Experience!

Thriving for life, Thriving for my health! Thriving for life, Thriving for my health! >>> JOIN TODAY <<<

I am a 26 year old mother of 2 beautiful little girls, Ashlynn 7 and Rylee Harper 10 months. Since my youngest was born, it has been a challenge just getting up and out of bed in the morning, work wasn’t working. I didn’t know where yesterday’s stress ended and today’s began. For every pound I would lose, I would put 2 more on. I was not happy, with myself, or the world around me. I needed a change and I needed it NOW!

Enter Thrive.

I was shipped a sample by my upline. I began taking it the very next day. I was still very skeptical that this would do anything for me. I took the plunge anyway.

Day 1-

Started in 30 min 1,2,3 system. (pill, shake, DFT)

My Thrive experience did not start off amazing, there were no dramatic changes, and energy levels were the same. I felt like my same old self.

Day 3 –

At this point I was getting up and out of bed with Rylee. Matt, my fiancé wasn’t having to shake me out of bed. And best of all I wasn’t waiting all morning for Miss Rylee’s nap so that I could finally have mine. My energy was up, up, up. Boy was this helping me crush my final exams for nursing. I was excited to see what else might come from my Thrive experience.

Day 10 –

Started the morning off with no alarm, I had my capsules, and 20 minutes later the Lifestyle shake, and finally slapped on the DFT. I had energy right away, and a desire to get up and out of the house. So my fiancé Matt and I took Rylee and our fur baby out for a walk around the neighborhood. The only reason we even came back from that walk was for Rylee’s nap. I could have gone. Not only did I have energy to spare, I was able to focus again. I couldn’t tell you when the last time I was about to sit down and read a book was. I had my favorite past time back! What more could Thrive give me? I was about to find out!

1 ½ months –

My energy is booming. I can keep up with my kids, fur babies and my fiancé. I have motivation to live my life to the fullest, to get up off my butt and get things done. My mood has been soaring and I feel motivated to get moving. With all of this positive changes, I have also been able to lose some weight. Even though I haven’t been on the program very long, I already see a major difference in my lifestyle.

Now I am growing my own personal Thrive business. That is how much I believe in Thrive, and Le-Vel itself. I am so excited to see what else can come from my experience. 30 minutes a day with this easy 1,2,3 system is all I needed. I feel amazing, and going strong.

THRIVING!!! Now I know what all the fuss was about, and why everyone in my upline are so passionate about this product. And now I am too.

Thriving for life, Thriving for my health! COME THRIVE WITH ME!

One year Thrive Experience

One year Thrive Experience

Thrive By Le-vel

My name is Nakita Wilson and here is my One year Thrive Experience.

I was 24 when I started my journey. I am a proud mother to my son Anthony (3) and daughter Serenity (1). I was pretty much letting days slip by, letting my days get shorter and nights get longer, and I lived off coffee! Without coffee I would never make it through my day and even with it I still took a daily nap.

I am not single, I am currently engaged In a seven year relationship soon to be married to my amazing spouse. Thrive has literally changed me into a more positive person. I became a better lover, friend, mother, and sibling. As I begin to share the most important part of my hidden feelings, I hope you take that leap of Faith like I did, and share it with others.

Last year June 21, 2014 I was mentally and emotionally stressed and was trying to bounce back after both of my kid’s births. Everything seemed so new to me, the excessive weight, eating whatever and not caring, and being a couch potato. Seeing that I was unhappy with what I had to look at daily, I begged God for a change. A good friend of mine and the community I lived in, approached me with a Seven day sample. I tried it and WOW!

WOW is exactly what I thought. Within my first hour on day one sample I felt amazing. I felt a jolt of energy I never felt before. My body also went through a much needed cleanse. Beginning weight was 287.7 lbs, and a year later here I stand at 196.2lbs. I was a size 21 in pants and now wear a 9/10.

I not only look amazing but, I importantly feel amazing. I love the skin I am in now and am so thankful that Thrive has given me my life back, and better yet a life I deserve.

Without a doubt I am glad I jumped right in as a promoter. This company has done so much for us besides giving our lives back. You guys absolutely amaze me every week and I will thrive strong for life. I don’t think people realize how hard it is to hear that you are this and that. I am more confident now, positive, and more involved than ever.

You can change your life by doing and never looking back. This is my one year thriversary.


My name is Carter Stanley and this is my THRIVE EXPERIENCE update!
Le-vel Promoter

Until 11 months ago my future looked about like my past. Being 4th generation oil field I guess you can say I was bred into my career. This is a career that most people perceive as great income and a worry free life. What they don’t see is the countless hours working in the heat, cold, rain and snow. They don’t see your wife and kids cry as you pull out of the drive way for your next hitch away from home. They don’t see the toll it takes on a man. I woke up to my family on the one Christmas morning I had been home out of a whole decade only to be called to work three hours later. Thirteen years I’ve been leaving my family for weeks at a time to give them the life they deserve. But the paychecks I chase year in and year out comes at the highest cost to me. The cost of not seeing my babies grow, the cost of my wife living a life as a single mom. I had come to terms with this life years ago knowing this is what I must sacrifice for my family and would never complain one time.
THAT IS UNTIL WE WERE INTRODUCED TO LE-VEL eleven months ago! This THRIVE EXPERIENCE and FREE CUSTOMER ACQUISITION MODEL is second to none. The first thing I noticed is that these three simple products we take in the morning (and your are done for the day) were amazing, this is coming from someone who has been into fitness 20 years and has personally taken everything.
As the months passed and we shared the THRIVE EXPERIENCE and the free social network to grow beyond our wildest dreams. For the first time in 13 years I saw HOPE that maybe this could bring me home to my family. We have sky rocketed to 200k VIP and someday soon won’t have to pull our babies off of my neck as I get ready to leave once again. Now almost one year in it has become much bigger than just hope, it’s just a matter of time before I fall asleep and wake up under the same roof as my family every day for the rest of our lives. And for that I’ll always be forever grateful.
Thank you to Paul Gravette and Jason Camper but, just know there are no words that can describe how thankful my family and I truly are.

Carter Stanley

LEADERS…get this story out!

LEADERS…get this story out!


LEADERS…get this story out! This is HOW it’s done!

Hollie…this is WHY your network is BOOMING!!!

Hello my name is Hollie Choate….

You know what??? IT’S GO TIME… I will not sit around and wait on customers to come to me. I AM A GO GETTER. I will go and get new customers. I have 260 customers that have set up FREE ACCOUNTS most have never tried Thrive. I went through and sent a private message to about 60 of them so far. I asked them if they would be interested in receiving a trial of Thrive??? The ones that came back and said yes, I asked them to do me a favor. Please watch the website video and make a promise to me that you will take Thrive exactly the way I have asked. I had 38 people tell me yes absolutely I promise I will. So yesterday I sent out 38 packages to people I originally contacted because I knew they would benefit from this product or be amazing on my Team. I am so excited because I know my team is fixing to grow because of this. I am not finished with 38 trials. I am simply waiting on more product to get here. I will invest in my business because I know it will work. Thrive is amazing and you should be sharing the experience with everyone that comes 3 feet of you. Don’t waist this opportunity run with it.

These products went out yesterday before the leadership call.. Don’t wait to be challenged before you try to go after what you want. Live with a daily purpose of going after it.. Only you can build your dreams don’t let them fall through your fingertips. The sky is the limit with Le-Vel.

Thrive Innovation is coming…

Thrive Innovation

Thrive Innovation …In exactly one month, ONE out of TWO innovations will be revealed!! This new product will once again, revolutionize and SHIFT they way you look at nutritional supplementation… this new product and new delivery system is going THRIVE like never before. It’s not a capsule, it’s not a powder, it’s not a liquid or topical, it’s something totally different! ‪#‎WeAreTheInnovators‬

A new Thrive product is coming… a new innovative technology and delivery system! The Thrive Experience is about to go to the next level! Launching March 6th 2015.

My Thrive Experience

This Is my Thrive Experience!

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 9.53.14 PM

My name is Gena Garrison and this is my Thrive Experience!

I am 35 years old. I live in Whitehouse, Texas and am a wife of nearly 13 years to my husband Shawn, a mom to four beautiful children ages 11, 9, 8, and 2, and a fifth grade teacher. To say I am busy and tired is an understatement.

Then came Thrive. I had seen a good friend start posting and sharing and I was intrigued. Usually I would get annoyed and hide posts about the newest products that promise amazing things but something about these posts and stories I was reading from others who were trying the product kept my attention and spoke to my heart. I couldn’t get them off my mind. My friend Kelly brought me a 7 day sample. It literally sat on my night stand for nearly a month before I decided to try and even then I was skeptical still.

I have always been sensitive to caffeine so I just started with the shake and the DFT. DAY 1 I felt a change. I just knew it must be all in my head, especially since I wasn’t taking the capsules. I felt happier, more energized, and wasn’t hungry all morning like normal. I wasn’t stumbling all over my words as I was teaching.

DAY 2 I did the same thing. I drank my shake and put on a DFT. The day went even better. I felt amazing! The back discomfort and the aching legs from being on my feet all day were hardly noticeable.

DAY 3 was much like days one and two. I just couldn’t believe without using the capsules I was feeling such a difference. DAY 4 I forgot to have my product. Not sure how but it was a terrible day. I had a headache, was extra irritable and very sluggish. I decided from then on out I had to have my Thrive so I signed up as promoter and ordered my products.

Meanwhile my husband had noticed the changes and after working two jobs, 70 hours a week for over two years to get me through school, he wanted in. His job is very physically demanding and he was a walking zombie. I got him his product and he began. He dove right in with all three core products and was a day one thriver. He couldn’t believe the sustainable energy he had all day even after going to work at 1 a.m. His muscle aches were hardly noticeable even on day one. He just signed as promoter under me because we are both so excited to share this life changing product with others.

I am now on all three core products and can’t imagine going without them. I just achieved my VIP800 this week and am shooting for the iPad/4000k next.

So thankful for this product and it’s leaders. Can’t wait to see what the rest of this year brings for me, my family, and my friends through Thrive and Le-Vel!

My 8-Week Thrive Experience:

My name is Rachel Gilley and this is my 8-Week Thrive Experience:

Le-vel 8 Week Experience

Like most, I’m a busy person. I am a mom, wife and career woman in construction. I have 3 boys ages 23, 9 and 7 – yes, I started over. My husband is in Real Estate which, as most are aware, has had it rough over the past few years. Both my husband and 2 little boys have ADHD and are challenging to deal with.

In April of 2014 I decided to switch to a different construction company so that I could have more freedom to be with the family hoping to make things better for us. It did. But I have been dealing with being tired, mentally exhausted, bodily aches and a lack of overall wellbeing! I wasn’t the positive, “we’ll figure it out”, always smiling person I used to be! I was tired of being tired, and tired of sleeping half the weekend just to make it through the week. Thus the why!

I met another mom in my youngest son’s class and was so jealous of how bubbly she always was. I used to be like that! I watched her for a few weeks, hoping to run into her each morning so that some of her bubbly could rub off on me. Then one day, I heard her talking to the kids’ teacher about Thrive. I had not heard of it! I had been trying all sorts of products – vitamins, drinks, anything with a glimmer of results – so that I could get me and have better health. As I stood there listening, I realized how the teacher (already a hero) was able to deal so well with the kids and decided to butt in. After they explained the product and showed me the DFT Foam I asked about a sample which I bought (5 days). I wasn’t skeptical, I was hopeful.

I followed the instructions even cutting out my caffeine completely. Day one and two…nothing. I was almost sad. Day three…BAM!…up before my alarm clock, wide awake…and it was a Saturday! Day 4 and 5, even better! I had to wait 2 weeks before ordering my first month’s product and it was the longest 2 weeks! The thing I missed the most in those two weeks was the mental clarity I had while on Thrive! I don’t understand how I functioned with all that fog.

So now I’ve been on Thrive for 8 weeks and couldn’t be happier with the product! I sleep awesome and don’t wake up ‘creaky.’ I can walk up and down multiple flights of stairs at work without huffing and puffing and having to stop and stretch my knee! My family loves me! I am a Thriver and a Promoter! Even my brother – the grouchiest person in the world – contacted me about Thrive.

Thank you Linda Stapleton and Betty Hastings first and foremost for being the Wife of a Police Officer and an Awesome Teacher! But also for talking about Thrive that day in the classroom. It has changed me and my outlook on life! I got ME back and know that I can take on the world like I used to! And, I will NOT let my family be in the same financial rut that we have been in for the past few years!

Next Christmas, I WILL be Debt Free!

DFT Ultra CAMO!!


DFT Ultra CAMO!!

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